Kilkenny St Patrick’s Day 2022 

Community pageant – Running with the wolves 

The Kilkenny St. Patrick’s Day Parade will take place on Thursday the 17th March at 1.30pm.

This year we have teamed up with Cartoon Saloon to create the Theme for the 2022 parade, ‘Run with the Wolves’. We have chosen this theme to acknowledge the wonderful work of the Kilkenny based animation studio Cartoon Saloon whose movie ‘WolfWalkers’ received an Oscar nomination in 2021. Wolfwalkers is set in Kilkenny in 1650 and tells the tale of Maebh, Robyn and the Wolf Walkers. Famous Kilkenny landmarks can be seen throughout the film and inspiration for the Woods comes from our wealth of woodland around the county. ‘Run with the Wolves’ is an exciting and thrilling journey through Kilkenny’s history, art and culture as we follow in the shadow of the largest wolf of all.

Cartoon saloon has been working on template packages of two characters from the film; wolves and soldiers. These simple costume templates can be easily made by anyone who wants to get involved in this year event.

If you’re looking for inspiration the movie is available to watch on AppleTV.

We will also arrange to get you access to the movie for reference while you are making your costumes.

What you need to do: 

  • Firstly confirm with us that you want to be involved.
  • Once confirmed we will send out clear and concise costume template packages with the two character designs.
  • Using cardboard or any other available or recycled materials ( be as creative as you like) you can copy out the patterns of the desired character and create your own costume following the instructions on the package.
  • The battle of the wolves: If possible divide up the group so half will make wolf costumes and half will make soldier costumes. Each group is invited to introduce some movement into their piece if they feel comfortable doing so. This movement will represent the wolves fighting the soldiers and will take place on the day of the parade.
  • Wear your costume and walk in the Saint Patricks day parade, March 17th – The parade will start at 1:30pm from Saint Johns Church. However those taking part in the parade will need to arrive from 12:00 to partake in a quick rehearsal before it starts.

Attached to this document is a draft template document, it is still to be finalised and certain costume elements added but for now it will give an idea of the required skills. Every community is encouraged to add as much or as little detail to their costume as they personally wish.

Thank you for reading.

See the template and further information below.

St Patricks Day Template 2022