The Kilkenny County Council Community Event Grant

This grant scheme will assist community event organisers with the development, promotion and the running of small-scale community events organised by local not for profit voluntary groups and organisations. The events may include intercultural events and events that recognise and celebrate diversity. Night-time events will also be considered as a contribution towards the night-time economy.

CLOSING DATE: 7th March 2024

Community Heritage Grant Scheme

The Heritage Council is now accepting applications from community groups and not-for-profit non-governmental organisations around the country for its Community Heritage Grant Scheme 2024. 

This scheme is intended to enable communities and heritage non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to continue their work on existing projects or to start new initiatives.

CLOSING DATE: 25th March 2024

Creative Youth on A Shared Island Fund

The Creative Youth on a Shared Island funding scheme aims to reach children and young people across the island of Ireland. They plan to harness the experience and expertise of organisations working in the creative, cultural, arts, community and youth sectors to engage young people.

Creative Ireland are seeking projects from partnerships that are of significant scale and ambition. Applications should have at least one partner based in each jurisdiction. Grant funding of up to €180,000 will be awarded to at least 3 projects. It is envisaged that at least one grant will be awarded to a partnership that targets seldom heard children and young people. The projects should run between June 2024 to December 2025

CLOSING DATE: 25th March 2024

Artist In The Community Scheme Awards

Twice yearly, the Arts Council offers Artist in the Community Scheme grants to enable artists and communities of place/or interest to work together on projects. The scheme is managed by Create, the national development agency for collaborative arts.

Applications are now open for the Artist in the Community Scheme (Round One) 2024.

CLOSING DATE: 25th March 2024

Movement for Good Awards 2024

The Movement for Good Awards opens its doors for nominations, providing an opportunity for charities to receive a €1,000 boost. This initiative, having already donated over €5 million since its inception in 2019, is committed to making a positive impact by supporting a diverse range of causes.

Nominations are now officially open and can be submitted quickly and easily at Randomly selected winners will be announced, and the more nominations a charity receives, the greater its chances of being chosen.

In addition to the €1,000 grants, special draws will allocate €5,000 to charities within specific sectors:

Health: 22-26 April 2024
Youth: 17-21 June 2024
Environment: 12-16 August 2024
Arts & Culture: 21-25 October 2024.

Community Foundation Ireland

Do you represent a community or organisation looking to make a positive change? Community Foundation Ireland love to talk to and partner with groups of people who share their mission of equality for all in thriving communities.

Once the conversation starts, there are a number of funding options which they can discuss with you to see which partnership might work best.

Projects should align with at least one of the pillars supporting their equality mission: Sustainable Futures, Inclusive Communities, Empowering Generations or Accelerating Change.

2023 Parent Peer Support Fund

This fund is open to organisations working with parents and/or children and young people to facilitate the development and support of parent peer support groups. Beneficiaries of the initial round of Parent Peer Support funding included organisations working with parents of LGBTI+ children, parents of children with a disability and parents of children who have recently migrated to Ireland. This year, a total of €75,000 will be made available to 37 organisations with each successful applicant receiving €2000 to provide and promote parent peer support group activities across the country.

Local Enterprise Office Financial Supports

The Reach Fund 2024

The Reach Fund is issued to ETBs, and is designed to support and engage with disadvantaged learners who have the highest level of need.

It can be used to assist learners with transport or education costs, funding on access to technology and devices, expanding community access to Wi‐Fi and broadband resources.

As part of 2023 funding for the Further Education and Training Sector, SOLAS has allocated €250,000 to Kilkenny and Carlow ETB in respect of Reach Funding.

Vacant Homes Refurbishment Grant Scheme

Kilkenny Recreation & Sports Partnership

Small Business Vacant Premises Scheme

National Lottery Funding For Good Causes