Invite to Sports Club Rep

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Invite to Sports Club Rep - ( PDF Download ) Deadline for all nominations is the 8th November

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Plenary April 24th 2019

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The following motions were passed by plenary on the 24th of April 2019 2.3.20  In the event of a member of the Secretariat and/or PPN representative failing, without sending prior apologies, to attend two consecutive meetings of a committee on which s/he represents the PPN and of which s/he has been properly notified, s/he will be deemed to have resigned from that committee. Plenary recognises the role of the PPN as a fundamental driver of policy development and active participation.  Following on from the recent regional conference of the environmental [...]

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SPC 3 Meeting

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Kilkenny PPN Representative Report on SPC3 Meeting   Reporting Representative Name:   Mary T. Brennan (Environmental Pillar) Committee:  SPC3 Date:  April 17th 2019                      Time:  14 h                                         Venue:  County Hall, John Street   Key Issues Decade of Centenaries: KCC received an allocation of €10, 000 to support community based commemorative activities.  The Council’s Cultural Services Team have agreed to fund five events – Library Lecture Series, Pat Walsh Commemorative Event, South Kilkenny Historical Society lecture programme, Home Rule historical lectures, and Historian in Residence at the KCC Library Service. Regional Spatial & [...]

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SPC 1 – Economic Development, Enterprise Support & Tourism

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SPC 1 - Economic Development, Enterprise Support & Tourism Meeting in Tholsel, High St. on 8th March 2019 at 11.00am Report (1st meeting held year to date) PPN Representative - Theresa Delahunty Issues Discussed: Update on Economic Actions of LECP Local Enterprise Office Update Update On the Tholsel Abbey Quarter Update Presentation to Mechanical Modular Solutions   Item 1. Update on Economic Actions of LECP (Economic Implementation Plan 2018-2021) 2019 Quarter 1: LECP GOAL 1: Support the Enterprise Economy Following on from the Christmas “Shoplocal” campaign, the Local Enterprise Office [...]

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