The Good Governance Awards recognises and encourages adherence to good governance by nonprofit organisations in Ireland. The awards were developed by Carmichael with the support of our partners and leading national bodies in the nonprofit sector.

The Good Governance Awards seek to;

  • Acknowledge, encourage and promote good governance practice in the area of annual reports and others areas of good governance practice.
  • Support and encourage the nonprofit sector to use their annual reports and financial statements to showcase their embracement of and adherence to good governance.
  • Provide practical examples to other organisations as to what an excellent or very good director’s report and financial statements look like.

In 2019 there will be two award types and five entry categories for each award type. These are:
Category 1; for volunteer only and organisations with an annual turnover of less than €250,000
Category 2; for organisations with an annual turnover of between €250,000 and €1 million.
Category 3: for organisations with an annual turnover of between €1 million and €5 million.
Category 4: for organisations with an annual turnover of between €5 million and €15 million
Category 5; for organisations with an annual turnover of over €15 million.

A dedicated website acts as a central hub for the awards. It provides details on the entry criteria and categories, the panel of judges, guidance on how to take part and other resource information such as annual report templates. See the 2018 winners, click this link to the GGA website

Awards night
The winners will receive their award at a special event with invited guests and will feature a high profile key note speaker. Previous speakers were Laura Anderson from the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator, John Farrelly, Charity Regulator, Baroness Pitkeathley Chair of the House of Lord Select Committee on Charities and Kevin McCarthy, Secretary General of the Department of Rural and Community Development. The 2019 awards event will be held on the evening on 14th November in the National Concert Hall, Dublin.