To assist the Government in developing a new national heritage plan for Ireland.

  • Heritage Ireland 2030 is the Government’s commitment to a revitalised and refreshed National Heritage Plan.
  • Heritage Ireland 2030 will recognise the vital role our heritage plays in our community, our economy and our society.
  • Heritage Ireland 2030 will be a coherent, comprehensive and inspiring framework of values, principles and strategic priorities which will guide and inform the heritage sector over the next decade.
  • Heritage Ireland 2030 will enshrine the shared responsibility of people, communities, businesses and local and national Government in protecting our heritage and ensuring it is cared for into the future.
  • Heritage Ireland 2030 will help us enjoy, understand and care for our heritage.
  • The Consultation Paper is available in English and Irish

The Consultation Process

The consultation process will last until the end February 2019. Over coming months there will be a series of regional heritage workshops organised by heritage partners across the county, offering opportunities for voices to be heard.

Check out  for more information and submission process.