Thomastown Men’s Shed

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Thomastown Men's Shed has been established with the objective of providing a venue for men to meet, talk and connect with others while participating in group and/or individual projects.

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Provide confidential emotional support for people who are experiencing feelings of distress or disappear including those which may lead to suicide. The Branch of Carlow /Kilkenny SAMARITANS is in Dean Street. The phones are answered there and we also meet people face to face SAMARITANS Shop is in Kieran Street where we raise funds for The Centre in Dean Street.

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St Patrick’s Centre

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To enable people to live a good life, in their own home, with supports and opportunities to become active, valued and inclusive members of their local communities. To enable a supported self-directed living (SSDL) model of provision which is underpinned by our beliefs, values and vision  | Email.  

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Paulstown Community Alert

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We have recently set up and launched a text alert service, with the local Gardai, in our community. We are confident that this will make people feel safer in their homes and will help prevent crime in our area. We also aim to help the vulnerable and the elderly in our community to feel safer and included, by supplying personal alarms. We are confident that we can continue to provide useful crime prevention services and safety products to our community in the years to come.

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Rath Ullord Residents Committee Community

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Community development - To promote community and help the elderly in our location | Email:

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Newpark Residents Association

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To proactively advance social inclusion in the community through interaction, activities and development http:// /Newpark Residents Association

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Mill Family Resource Centre

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To provide a Family Resource Centre that is friendly and welcoming and that will always endeavour to meet the needs of all in our community. We also aim to liaise with other relevant groups and agencies and to advocate for the provision of key community services and resources Email: |Webside: | Facebook:  

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Loughboy Writers Group

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to provide a hub of creative experiences shared in a safe and Nurturing environment. to enjoy creative writing and to welcome new members

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