Kilkenny Older Person’s Council
A fabulous production by Kilkenny Older Person’s Council (OPC) in celebration of 10 years of the Kilkenny Age Friendly Programme.
The OPC has a dedicated, hard-working committee who continuously strive to deliver a programme which creates the kind of communities in which older people live autonomous, independent and valued lives.
To date, the local government led Age Friendly Programmes across Ireland have implemented real change in imaginative and cost-effective ways. Access to outdoor spaces and buildings is fundamental to the vision.
The programme has a strong focus on creating walkable, attractive and accessible communities and age-friendly spaces. By introducing actions to address participation and inequality it is intended that people of all ages will be supported to enjoy healthier, more active and connected lives.
Congratulations to all the incredibly hard-working committee members, the various stakeholders and agencies alike who are making Kilkenny Age Friendly.