The Department of Rural and Community Development (“the Department”) has decided to allocate €100,000 to fund operating costs in Womens Sheds.

This is a ring-fenced fund under the Community Support Fund 2022. The application process is being administered by Local Community Development Committees (LCDCs).

Applications for this funding can be made on this application form.  Women’s Sheds are eligible to apply, once they meet the LCDC’s qualifying criteria.

It envisaged that this funding would, in general, be allocated in a relatively equal manner across Women’s Sheds that submit valid applications.

The Department operates the Community Support Fund through the Local Community Development Committees (LCDCs).  It is a grant programme that provides funding to enhance facilities in disadvantaged areas.  The Department previously committed to funding of €10m for this programme. The €100,000 fund which is ring-fenced for Women’s Sheds is part of the €10m.

KCC Application Form for Womens Shed