Please click on the below link to access the nomination form.  Also included is information about becoming a PPN representative.

LCDC-Nomination-Form-Community and Vol

The Representatives PPN Handbook

N.B Candidate Form must be completed to ensure valid nomination. Information provided on the Candidate Form will be circulated to ALL MEMBERS of the PPN

PLEASE RETURN BY Monday 20th February 2023 by 5pm

Criteria for qualification to LCDC Representatives

A fundamental role of the elected PPN representative to the LCDC will be to represent and to give feedback to the PPN on the outcomes of the meetings, and the issues being raised.  This will be achieved through the representative’s interaction with their “Linkage Group”.  A linkage group (working group) is formed when members with a particular interest in the work of the LCDC come together to elect the PPN representatives to that committee.

In order to ensure that representation is informed and based on knowledge of the policy area and on commitment to the PPN, the following criteria for PPN representation will apply:

  • An awareness of general policy in the Community and Voluntary Sector
  • The ability of the nominee to effectively represent the views of the entire PPN linkage group. They are not representing their own organisation.
  • A knowledge of the relevant areas and plenary decisions and a commitment to policy
    development where necessary.
  • A commitment to attending all meetings of the LCDC
  • A commitment to convene, attend and report back to the LCDC linkage group
  • A commitment to issuing a report on each meeting for publication by the PPN Coordinator
  • All LCDC members are required to maintain proper standards of integrity, conduct and concern for the public interest.
  • No more than one board member and/or employee of any single community or voluntary organisation, community development body or local development body will be validated for membership of the LCDC


In addition to the above, the following generic requirements must be met:

  • Elected representatives of Local Authorities cannot be nominated through this process.
  • If anyone nominated through this process subsequently decides to enter electoral
    politics he/she must immediately resign their PPN representative role and the relevant
    nominating PPN Pillar or Linkage Group will choose a replacement.
  • A person who has been an elected representative of any level of Government (local or
    national) should not be chosen to represent the PPN in any representative role for one year
    after completing their term of office.
  • All PPN representatives must meet the criteria laid down by the member organisations
    that they represent on the PPN.

Kilkenny (LCDC) LECP Advisory and Monitoring Sub- Group

A subgroup of Kilkenny LCDC for the duration of the LECP 2016-2022


  1. To review progress with regards the implementation of actions in the community element of the LECP
  2. To agree and recommend reporting formats and templates
  3. To identify and communicate progress, gaps, and issues to both the LCDC and local stakeholders involved in the delivery of the community element of the LECP
  4. To attend the annual stakeholder workshop
  5. To support the organisation of an annual workshop with all stakeholders involved in the delivery of the community element of the LECP
  6. To report to the LCDC Bi-annually in conjunction with KCC support staff


The LECP Subgroup will decide the best format for reporting on the implementation of the community element of the LECP; they will then advise, liaise and communicate the reporting format to the LCDC for approval and local stakeholder involved in the delivery of actions in the community element of the LECP. The group will monitor progress with regards implementation of actions, highlight issues and gaps.


The LECP Subgroup will make recommendations to the wider LCDC with regards oversight of the implementation of the community element of the LECP and any issues that may arise.

The LECP Subgroup will decide the format for the stakeholder workshops and the format for reporting.


The LECP sub-group will have total of 5 members:

  1. This will include at least 3+ members of the LCDC – members will self-nominate and be from both the statutory and non-statutory sectors of the LCDC membership.
  2. 2 members will be identified from the stakeholder workshop

Meeting arrangements

The LECP subgroup will meet 5 times throughout the year in to coincide with reporting timeframes. A further meeting will be the attendance at the annual Stakeholder Workshop

A quorum of 3 would be needed for any meeting to take place.

The group will be serviced by staff form the Community Section of Kilkenny County Council, they will provide agendas, minutes, meeting room facilities and be the main communication between meetings. Meetings and supporting documentation will be organised communicated via email.