Kilkenny Based Tech Entrepreneur sets up online Ukraine school to help pupils from the Ukrainian Community access Education

Ukrainian children arriving in Kilkenny can benefit from the creation of Ukraine School, a free online educational platform to help Ukrainian pupils overcome language barriers and continue their learning whilst settling into schools in the UK.

Ukraine School has been created by tech entrepreneur Brendan Morrissey from Kilkenny and his team at eSchools, which provides online teaching and communications solutions to teachers and pupils across 1,300 Irish and UK schools.

The free virtual Ukraine School allows teachers to set homework, run class projects, messaging, blogs and calendar and give feedback in English, which is then translated into Ukrainian for children. Once work is completed, it is translated back into English.

Ukraine School is looking to bridge the gap between younger children with little or no English and their new teachers and classmates, an invaluable service for the now over 300 Ukrainian refugees currently in Kilkenny.

Having developed educational apps, Brendan Morrissey decided to re-formulate some of his previous work to form Ukraine School after war broke out in Ukraine. With 50 languages already available on the platform it is hoped that once the technology is established, it will be distributed to other countries where Ukrainian people are settling. Hundreds of schools in Ireland have already signed up to the platform.

Teachers and schools can access Ukraine School by emailing where the team will send out passwords to add students. Teachers are required to contact the Ukraine School formally via their respective schools/ school principal.

There’s also a free app for parents linked to the eSchools app that allows them to view homework and connect with the school.

Brendan Morrissey, Founder, Ukraine School, commented:
“The idea behind the platform is that Ukrainian children will be able to continue their education with minimal interruption, in spite of everything else they might be dealing with at the moment. The platform will allow teachers to set homework, run class projects and give feedback, which is then translated into Ukrainian and vice versa when the child completes their schoolwork. It also allows children to connect with new friends and teachers in a safe environment. Our motto at eSchools is that no child is left behind so we had to develop this to assist them.”
“Our hope is that by using the platform, schools in Kilkenny, in Ireland and local authorities can support members of the Ukrainian community in a meaningful way, without incurring further costs on already stretched school budgets.”

For further information please contact:
Ukraine Schools
Brendan Morrisey, Founder
Yellow Jersey PR

Ukraine School:
The Ukraine School is a virtual school created to support children as they adapt to schooling in a
different country. The students are assigned their own secure class on the network alongside their
teachers, who can then share project resources with the children and assign homework or class-based
assignments. Children also have access to class discussion and chat features through the app.
The platform can be accessed for free by going to

Ukraine School