In the face of current challenges facing the Irish Community and Voluntary sector, all organisations are looking at ways of working differently. In certain limited circumstances, some organisations may see benefit in exploring merging permanently with another organisation, or consortium of like-minded organisations. We have a small fund which might allow such organisations or consortiums to explore this. It is for the facilitation of early-stage discussions and negotiations, and not the process of merging in action.

Grants of a maximum of €8,000 will pay for associated costs such as hiring an external facilitator, room hire, travel costs etc.
The fund is not for collaborative working or strategic partnerships

Who can apply

Organisations/bodies and consortiums of organisations/bodies in the Irish Community and Voluntary Sector.

How to apply

Interested bodies and/ or consortiums should email the grants team at in confidence to discuss the suitability of submitting an application to the fund. Please only send a brief introductory paragraph setting out the proposed activity and level of funding required. There is no application form available and potential applications must be discussed in advance with us.

Applications will be considered as and when received; there is no specific closing date.

Any approach or enquiries will be held in the strictest confidence. Suitable applications will be assessed by one of the Grants staff and the Chair of Grants Expert Panel. Following the process those involved will be asked to report their learning about the process to us with a view to this helping other groups.

We do not take a view as to whether any organisations should merge.