CLÁR is a targeted investment programme which provides funding for small scale infrastructural projects in rural areas which have suffered the greatest levels of population decline. The Programme is a key enabler in supporting rural communities and will an important part of the Government’s integrated strategy for rural development, which will be supported through the new Rural Regeneration and Development Fund.

An allocation of €5 million is available for the CLÁR Programme for 2018 and our objective is to maximise the impact of the funding, for the benefit of communities in CLÁR areas.

The Scheme has 3 Measures as follows:

–           School Safety/Community Safety of a road safety nature (in designated CLAR areas),

–           Play Areas (in designated CLAR areas)

–           First Response measures (in designated CLAR areas)

Click on these links for further information and application forms or contact Community with any queries.

CLÁR Programme    CLÁR designated areas in Kilkenny    CLÁR 2018 Measure 3     CLÁR 2018 – LA-LDC Measures 1+2

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