Nominations are now open for 2 Social Inclusion Seats and 1 Environmental Seat in Kilkenny LCDC.
Please note the below information for your attentti
The purpose of the Kilkenny Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) is to draw on the knowledge and experience of the public and private sectors to bring about a more joined-up approach to community development and deliver effective and efficient services to citizens, particularly those who are disadvantaged.    
The initial term is 3 years, however, the PPN Representatives may apply for re-nomination and re-election for a second term of 3 years. 
As a result of public health measures, all meetings are now held virtually via Microsoft Teams however, it is envisaged that meetings will return to normal as restrictions lift.
Currently, Kilkenny LCDC requires 2 Social Inclusion seats and 1 Environmental seat to be filled by Kilkenny PPN.
The Social Inclusion Representatives will be the voice for disadvantaged communities and marginalised groups, supporting training, upskilling, and initiatives to tackle poverty, disadvantage and social exclusion across all marginalised groups. You can acess the nomination form for this seat here:

LCDC-Nomination-Form Social Inclusion

The Environmental Representative This representative will be the voice for environmental improvements across all communities, in green spaces, community gardens & allotments, sustainability and biodiversity across all community developments.  You can acess the nomination form for this seat here:

LCDC-Nomination-Form Environmental